Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We are engaged!!  John surprised me on Tuesday, December 21st with an amazing evening!  We were on the way to Cadillac Bar for dinner and he "forgot his wallet."  We headed back to my apartment, he goes in and then a few minutes later peeks out and says he still can't find it and that he needs my help. I come to the door and there are candles all over my apartment.  He takes me into the living room and says all kinds of sweet things and then gets down on his knee and asks me to marry him!  We have champagne and he gives me a gift that is a frame with the ticket stub from the movie we went to on our first date!
We then head outside to the car but SURPRISE there is a limo with everyone in it!!!!!!  My Dad is hiding behind a car taking pictures and my Mom, Katy, Michael, Amanda, David, Katie, Gray, Mandy, Greg, Ryann, and James were all inside screaming and banging on the windows.  We head to Cadillac Bar where we have a great time and sweet John treats everyone to dinner.  We then go to Absolve and continue celebrating!
John and I are so excited to begin planning our wedding and the fun adventures we have ahead!  We will blog throughout the process and continue to blog when we head to California in September and after!!