Thursday, November 29, 2012

Berkeley~ Muir Woods~ San Fran

Friday after Thanksgiving John and I decided to go on a scenic drive exploring!!

This is the highway around our house!!

Here is our route...

Through the tunnel heading to Berkeley for old times sake!!


Thai Noodle House!!

Rasputin and Amoeba Records for lots of good deals on "old school" cd's...

Yes John got all these toys!  Some were 50 cents!!  Looks like Spin Doctors and Collective Soul aren't selling too well....

Then we headed over Bridge 1 for the day to Muir Woods

So Muir Woods was so packed that we couldn't find a single parking space or side of the road to park on!!!  
What a zoo!! 

Here are some pics of the way out of Muir Woods...  I need some kind of sun filter or something...


WOW every time I attempt to wear my hair down it ends up looking out of control...

so pony-tail it is...
This is the area leading up... then down a winding road into Muir Woods.

Lookout point (also super crowded) by the bridge!!  I have never been to this area, super fun!!

Here is a pic looking the other way... pretty!!

Bridge 2- Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco!

To Pier 1 and the Hog Island Oyster Co... also packed to have "world famous" oysters!  YUM!

Here is a picture of the Bay Bridge from our table- super pretty!!  
We take the Bay bridge (Bridge 3)back to San Ramon ... what a fun day!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family!!  
We wish we could be in Texas but John and I tried to make the most out of being here in Cali!

John loves Chocolate pie so I attempted to make it!!
Thank you Katy for Mimi's recipe!

A little Shiner to remind us of Texas!

And some goofy local beer- way to Hoppy for us...

We are taking a stab at making the turkey for the first time...

Rufus is enjoying the beautiful weather!

It is rainy season and the hills are turning green!!  The trees are changing colors and it is beautiful!!

3 pies for 2 of us...

I attempted to make Amber Ray's cheese creation and it turned out super yummy!
Blue cheese and some spicy blueberry preserves with little wheat chips!

John was in charge of the mashed potatoes!!

Cornbread stuffing and turkey!

Celebrations cause for champagne!!

uh... will this thing ever get to 165!??

John set the table!!  Good job husband!!  We got to use our white dishes!!!


Looks like the tryptophan is kicking in!!

Yay cowboys!!!

pretty sunset!!

Then fire pit time!