Friday, February 24, 2012

Quality time

We made it to my parents house and had a wonderful steak dinner! Rufus got to spend quality time with his best friend Cooper!



Goodbye Mobile...

Chic Fil a biscuits... Check

Cars loaded up for storage...check

Rental car... Check

Rufus is ready for his vacation!! We will miss Mobile but are ready for our next step... Moving to Thailand!!



Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's moving day!

Here is all of my luggage! That large suitcase weighs a ton... Uh oh.

Rufus is heartbreaking! I think he is ready for his vacation though!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rufus and Addie

We love our new friends Addie and her mom Nicole!   Rufus has destroyed all of Addie's balls so we bought her replacements and look what Rufus did within 2 minutes!! 

2 weeks from today...

We are approaching our last weekend in Mobile.  The movers arrive next Thursday and we head out in our rental car to Houston on Friday!  We are excited about seeing as many people as we can before we leave!  We have Thailand training on Monday and Tuesday and then fly out Thursday morning!  It is getting exciting!

Happy valentine's day!

 I spent quality time with our little guy Rufus who will soon be on a 6 month vacation with my parents :(.  We will miss him!

John came home with some roses from the cute little lady that is on his way home from work in Pascagoula!

 We had a delicious dinner at Ruth's Chris!  Our first married Valentine's Day was great!!


 My parents were in New Orleans for the weekend so John and I went to visit for the day!

We attempted to go to a parade but it was raining and it ended up being about 20 walking down the street with beads... strange...

I love oysters!  I had them for lunch at Felix's and for dinner at Acme Oyster House

This was John's dinner at Acme Oyster House, it was called Gumbo Poopa!

Parents at Acme Oyster House!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Packin' time

Our flights are officially booked!  14 hours to Tokyo and then another 7 to Bangkok!  We are getting excited and have started separating our things... storage, suitcases, and a small crate that is shipped.

Do you think all my clothes will fit in these???  we shall see...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hattiesburg~ Rylee and Presley's birthday party!!

We were so excited to be able to go to Hattiesburg Mississippi to see Daphne, Jamie, Rylee, Presley, Leeann, Wes and of course Roxie and Charlie too!!

Rylee and Presley's birthday party was at Planet Gymnastics!  We were here a couple of years ago for their one, and three year old party!!  We were sad the Candler's couldn't make it!

Leeann loves yoga!!

 This is a recreation of our photo from a few years back.  We are missing Amanda and her crew though!!
This was our picture from two year's ago when we came for their birthday party!

 Rylee and Presley's first time to bowl!

 Presley loved putting her head near the hand dryer haha...

We were sad to leave everyone but so lucky we were able to spend time together!!  Can't wait until our next reunion!