Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday cards

Thursday's I go to play cards at Melanie's house! We play Shanghai and it is tons of fun!

Melanie's dog Harley Davidson

And Dolce and Gabbana!

Wednesday orphanage

Today I went with Kristy (I met at coffee Monday) to an orphanage. Kristy normally goes with her friend Abbey but she is back in the states so I was able to hang out with her baby!!

A lot of babies at the orphanage are already adopted, it is just a long process.

Side note~ it is getting so hot here!!! I am literally dripping sweat!!

This is Kristy and her baby Sirinthorn

This is Abbey's baby/ my baby Sukyana!

Sukyana LOVED to be turned upside down! Kristy warned me about it and it was true! She would roll her eyes back and jerk backward! She was fun!

Afterwards, Kristy and I went and ate Mexican was really good!
Chicken tacos...

Chicken quesadillas...

The salsa was interesting...

Wednesday night Sadie's night out with the women's club!

Funny menu quotes...

I ate stir fried chicken with rice! It was really good and spicy!

 Nikki and I with our buy one get one free drinks!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

American Women's Club luncheon

The Oriental Hotel lobby

Our table of 22 ladies!

some weird stuff???

Variations of salmon

Yvonne's shrimp appetizer

Palet cleansing sorbet

Sea bass

Chocolate truffle

Jill and Vicki (president)

Yvonne, Judi and I

The hotel is on the river... here is the view!

 This is the dress I wore that I found here... I love Chevron print!

Monday coffee and wine connection

Monday American women's club coffee and lunch! This is Naina and I at the wine connection!

Kristy on the left and Amy on the right...
Everyone is so nice!! I meet new people every week at coffee time!

4 of us split different types of pizza... Margharita, chili and meat, and Hawaiian...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rufus on vacation...

We miss Rufus so much! He is having so much fun on vacation and has been getting into a little bit of mischief!

He likes to stand in his favorite puddle in his bark park!

Rufus and his buddy Lucy!

Bowling and Paragon Movie Theater

Saturday night we went to a new mall (for us) Siam Paragon! It might be the biggest one yet! We went to go bowling and watch a movie and we were so excited!

The movie theater!!

We bought our tickets and got our assigned seats... $25 for each ticket this better be some fancy theater!
We picked the Nokia screen, there were also 4D theaters...

Bowling time!

Federbrau beer...

Chicken fried rice (of course) and spring rolls...

Movie time!!

We discovered the Nokia theater has a lounge area where you get complimentary drinks (we didn't know until we tried to pay)!

Our seats!! You get a pillow and down blanket and the seats recline!!

Popcorn and Jacob's creek (my favorite)!

Hunger Games!!
John and I love going to the movies and this was the best movie experience EVER! What a great Saturday night!