Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wednesday~ family in town!!!

My parents and Steve (John's brother) are on the plane and are heading to visit!!  
We are so excited to see them!!

Wednesday Tammy and I headed to a morning tea at the Big Knit cafe!  soi 49

This was my first time to see fish being sold in sacks on the street!

Only 3 months and I finally figured out how to get the basket all the way to the hotel and up to the room!!  
Loading up on waters for the crew!

Around 10 pm we headed to the airport to pick them up!  They quickly got through customs and baggage claim and we met up with them around 11:15!!

Loading up into the van and heading to the hotel!
They had a good flight, but a long flight and after 24 hours of traveling they are ready to get to the hotel!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Chao Phraya River

To practice for my parents and Steve visiting I went with 3 other ladies 
(Yvonne, Lynn and Naina) to lunch on the river!

We took the BTS to Siam... switched lines and then headed to the river stop!
We hopped on a river taxi that only costs 15 baht (50 cents)!!

We headed all the way to pier 13 and then waited for the boutique hotel/ restaurant to send their boat over to pick us up!  The hotel is only accessible by boat!

Here comes the cute boat for us!

Praya Palazzo

Naina is wanting to have a luncheon and river adventure here so we tried out a lot of food!
rice cakes with thai sauce

yummy chicken wrapped in leaves (forgot the name) with yummy sauce!

spicy beef salad

garlic and pepper shrimp

we got 2 more items but I was so busy eating I forgot to take a picture haha!

Then taxi ride back to the BTS!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Friday~ May 25,2012
We were so excited to go to lady Gaga!
To beat traffic John got off at 4 and we headed to the stadium to start people watching!!
We met up with Yvonne and her husband Brent around 4:30!!

Look at these glasses! haha

Singha beer tent

So much fun people watching before the concert!!

Yvonne and Brent!

Yvonne and I got these glasses only 100 baht ($3)!  

Beers were only 50 baht (not even $2)!  unheard of for concert prices!

This is as long as the beer line got... and this is the only beer line!

Heading into the concert (blurry pic) along with 60,000 other people!!

We had standing seats and Yvonne and Brent were seated so we had to part ways.

A DJ opened for Lady Gaga!

Lyn, David and their friend Jenny had standing seats too, and luckily John was a head taller than everybody there so he spotted them and we were able to stand together!!!!

There was a very long break between the DJ and Gaga and everyone started sitting down, it was funny...

There was a huge haunted house type castle for her stage!

Tons of people had glow sticks and stuff and it looked really cool in the stands!

Yvonne's picture from the stands!  Super cool view!

This was a weird face that kept talking throughout the concert...

The concert was wonderful!!  Lady Gaga was such a great performer!!!
Lady Gaga seemed to really enjoy Bangkok and said she really felt at home here.  
She is a big supporter of  LGBT so she visited a ladyboy show while in town and had a great time according to the paper etc!!

Late night snack~ bugs!  ants, roaches etc for sale right outside the stadium!

Yvonne, Brent, John and I had a meeting spot afterward at the Singha tent
 to hang out and wait for traffic to die down!!

Our plan worked great and we missed traffic completely and then headed to Soi 11!!!

Australian Pub!

We had a wonderful time with Brent and Yvonne and there was a great band paying so we had a blast!!