Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mae Klong Train Market

Wednesday, June 25!
John has gone to Bangladesh for work until Friday and I am heading to the Mae Klong Market.

We are so excited to go on a train ride to the Mae Klong market with the Australian Women's group!
The train runs straight through the middle of the market!

BTS Silom line to Wongwian Yai stop... then to the Wongwian Yai railway Station
First train- about an hour ride!

Yvonne, me, Tammy

Kayla, Angel, Abbey

shots from the train

Off the train and headed to a ferry to get to the next train!!

We realized at this point... oh yeah this is the last adventure for the 3 of us!  sad!
Tammy headed to US until mid July 15, Yvonne leaving July 13 returning Aug 15 (2 days before I leave)...

huge shells with a strange animal inside... what is this??

so cute!!

spirit tree (when we see one now we sing spirit tree!) goofy...

hopping on a ferry and off to another train line

We had to run to make sure we made the 2nd train!
1 hour 15 min ride to the market

Abbey and Kayla

Angel, me, Tammy, Yvonne

salt fields?

When we got close to the market they let us peak through the front window!

they pull the awnings back but I think the train runs kinda hovered over the stuff on the ground...

then I sprinted to the back of the train and got a pic!

veggies on the track!

the carts are on wheels or track type things

here comes the train through the market! (see the tracks under the silver things?)

It is so close!!

walkin on the tracks...

then into a really big market

nap time on a counter in the market

big silky undies for sale!

out of the market and off to lunch!

cute lunch place!

the food was delicious and the beers were cold!  fun!

Yvonne and I looked like major tourists with our backpacks, and big cameras..hahaha!

Then  hour-ish bus trip back to Bangkok only 75 baht (about $2)