Tuesday, July 31, 2012

WE LOVE Chatachuk and Tawadeang Brewery!!

We finally made it to Chatachuk and thought it was going to be busy and not very fun but it was WONDERFUL!!
Every (almost) map you get of Bangkok has a separate map just for Chatachuk market...
That's how big and complicated it is to get around!!

Rows and rows of shops with wonderful things!!

we got a chess set!

There is John shopping!  He had fun!

This little guy was adorable!

I got that purple and green dress thing... a little silly but I thought it was quirky and it was the shop with the little dog so I had to get something!!

crazy shoes!

Saturday night we went to Tawadeang Brewery after tons of people raved about it!!
Look at the reservation list haha tons of names in Thai and then Kristin haha!

fried rice

pork somethings

pork loin

These ladies were so funny!  Lance told them Kayla was a lady boy and they all kept coming by and staring at her and saying no she's a real lady!!  haha!

Lance's fish

Shawn please tell me you are not hook-em horns at me... (I just noticed this)!!  
Angel and Shawn both went to tu....

John and Angel both got cashew chicken.  My meal never came out and they were apparently out of it but just never came to tell me!  haha so I just ate off of John's plate!

THE ENTERTAINMENT and oh was it entertaining!!!

sink in the bathroom says "vomiting sink"

The Thai ladies were so cute dancing!

Olympics on TV!  Thai weight lifting!
Almost everyone had a tower of beer... we did not!

Monday, July 30, 2012

No Idea

Kayla and I headed to get a massage at Health land!!

So close to her new living quarters!!

lunch at Terminal 21!  dumplings! (we don't know how to do the sauce and it was i think solid vinegar...)

Kayls with chicken fried rice (her staple meal)

chicken with oyster sauce

Coyote for dinner!

Restaurants here always give you a teeny amount of salsa 
and it doesn't come with the meal you have to order it separately.

chicken tacos for all

DJ during dinner

Then off to No Idea bar to meet Ian (John's work and lunch buddy) and watch the band!

John and Ian!