Monday, August 20, 2012

Packing and plane ride!

Packing time... here is "THE BOX"
This is the shipment we are allowed!  It was filled to the brim and we were VERY lucky to fit everything else in our suitcases!! 


Yay!  last pic with Khum Samart!!

First flight to Tokyo~ 6 hours

they give you funny slippers...

The plane had a camera where we could see what was underneath us!!  Really cool!

Goodbye Bangkok!

starter and champagne

appetizer and wine


Tokyo airport!!  John found a DR PEPPER!

Little pods on the second flight... 11 ish hours

John's western meal

They ran out when they got to me so I had this strange Japanese appetizer.

They had western fish so I was able to have that, it was good.

Halfway there!

Here we are~ foggy San Francisco... and it's cold!!!

John is having fun driving for the first time in 6 months!!

SO SO pretty!!

Straight to IN-N-OUT burger!

Residence Inn- San Ramon

YUM delicious Domino's pizza and Miller Lite!  Oh how we have missed you!!

YAY Law and Order marathon!!!!

Goodbye happy hour!

Wednesday 8.14.12
Goodbye dim sum lunch!!

Happy hour at BAR@494 at the Hyatt!

me, Kayla, Kiki, and Melanie

Tammy, me, Yvonne, Anne, Kristy and Kayla

same ladies in previous pic and Lyn

Tammy and Yvonne- my exploring buddies!

Amy Jenkins on the left

Kristy and her baby bump!!

Bev, me, Lyn, Melanie, Marlies, and Kiki

Thanks so much ladies for coming to tell me bye!!  So much fun!!

Sarah-Jane on the right who introduced me to Tammy way back in my week 1!

Then Kayla and I met up with John and Eian for one last goodbye drink!

Last Khao San trip!

Tuesday 8.14.12

lunch and people watching!

Marloes took us to a fun new street!!

somehow I was too busy shopping and didn't take too many pictures...