Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moving in...

We finally stayed at the Davona house for the first time Thursday!!!
front view...

view from front door

living room (my first fire place!)

new carpet!

study/ 3rd room

The walls of the study are covered in this wood.



view from deck off kitchen at the left side of the house... 

kitchen deck looking at the yard...
standing on kitchen deck looking at the deck off our bedroom...

 our bedroom

our bathroom

one whole wall is sliding glass mirrored doors with the closet

 deck off our bedroom

right side of the house

back of the house 

Rufus loves his new yard!!

We got new bedroom furniture but our bedroom is so small we had to put the dresser in the 3rd bedroom!
~The furniture was our belated wedding gift from John's Mom!!  Thank you!!!! 

our new bed

and side tables!!!

 FRIDAY at 8 am ish the movers came and boy do we have a lot of work to do!!!

These boxes are full of teaching stuff... 

John came home for lunch to check it out and was excited to see his guitar!!  
The rest of his guitars are in the Alabama storage which we still haven't received yet!!

Our garage after unpacking!!!  YIKES!  Luckily someone comes by to pick all these up!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rufus goes flying!

OK Rufus time to fly to Caifornia!!

Rufus did an EXCELLENT job!!  I had to carry him through the security scanner and they commented on his tubby belly and he did great!!  There was even a fire alarm going off every 5 minutes!

Rufus at the gate with his Dingo!

I picked the middle seat because it supposedly has the most under the seat room.  I got so lucky and was in between a dog lover who was very sweet and helpful and a passed out girl!!

I don't think the flight attendants or this girl had a clue he was there.  He didn't make a sound!!!

I can't believe how well the flight went!!
Time for a well deserved walk on the Iron horse trail!

Reunited with his Dad!!!!

Rufus chillin at the new empty house!  Our shipment is delayed until the end of the week, possibly even next Monday :(.

We got our cars!  No gas, and dead batteries...

So scary, I had to get inside John's car and let it roll down!


look how high up!!!!

fewwww safe on the ground...

My car he somehow had charged so we were able to drive it down.  Here it sits at the new house next to our rental!

We also got our shipment in from Bangkok!!!!

Sunday sailing with the family!

Headed to Kemah to sail with my parents on Jimmy and Kelli's boat!

Kemah boardwalk

really pretty day!!

We were so lucky to be surrounded by dolphins... we probably tacked 20 times really quickly going back and forth chasing them... hahahah!

I got a lot of fin pics... 

we were going crazy over the dolphins!!

Jimmy and Kelli's boat

Dinner!!  Yum!!

 Then checking on my parents boat and their new boat name!!

First Encounter~ They met on a sailboat!