Thursday, January 31, 2013

Exploring 1/18 weekend

Friday John had a 9/80 so we decided to go back into the city!!
Through Chinatown again and into North Beach/ (kinda little Italy)...

We were trying to find the fortune cookie place recommended but Tripadvisor walking tours but it was down a creepy ally and you just stare at them through the door making fortune cookies... weird.

A stop at the Buddha lounge...

Then Italian food at The Stinking Rose- super cute and fun atmosphere!!! 

Oh food pics!!  Yay!!

The Saloon in North Beach

Saturday we rode our bikes to the dog park!!!!  It was a little up hill but we made it!!

haha... I can't get enough pictures of Rufus in this thing... it's hilarious!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Exploring more... 1/11 weekend

We have made a goal to start exploring more... we will see how well we do!

John and I got bikes for each other for Christmas and my parents got Rufus a dog wagon!!

The iron-horse trail by our house!!

Saturday BART ride in San Francisco to Chinatown!!!

Dim Sum!

It was a cute Chinatown!!  Super fun to walk around!!! 

BART back- only 45 minutes... not too shabby!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas in Texas

John, Rufus and I were able to return to Texas for 2 weeks for the holidays!!
Poor Rufus had to ride in his carrier again- but I think he is getting the hang of it!!

It's nice to see the Houston skyline!

Thursday night we were able to see Amanda, David, Zoe and Evan before they headed out to Dallas!
We also saw the Houston crew but were too busy catching up to take pictures apparently :(!

Rufus LOVES his cousin Cooper!!

 We headed down to my parents house and it was hilarious!  4 adults, 2 dogs and a baby in a pickup truck!! 

Christmas in Houston and most important- Jack's first Christmas!!

Celebrating in Galveston with Pawpaw, Barb and all of the family!!

Barb has been battling cancer and this was a very emotional holiday because she hasn't been feeling very well.  We love having her in our life and cannot express how much we wish she wasn't having to go through this!!  Thoughts and prayers are with you constantly!!!

YUM! Fried turkey!!!!

Christmas Eve we had Mexican food and a jam session at my parents house!  We have a new yearly tradition to write our own song about A&M and send it to our LSU relatives hahaha!!!

 Jack is such a cutie!!

Rufus racked up on toys!!

Christmas day my parents were extremely nice to drive us up to Ft. Worth to see John's family!
We hit snow about an hour away from Ft. Worth!!

Christmas night pics!!!

We were able to meet up with John's buddies from high school!!  

We were able to meet Leeann and Wes for lunch and somehow I only got a picture of our dessert...
Thanks guys for meeting up with us in Dallas!!!

And Steve had his first trip to Spec's- always a fun experience.

Sunday Joe T Garcia's and Cowboy's football with the Dallas crew!  
Thanks guys SO much for coming to meet up with us!

New Year's Eve and Joe T's round 2!!

Baker St Pub in Ft. Worth

(I think John was getting tired of picture taking... this was multiple attempts
 and they still didn't turn out very well haha)

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a very very happy New Year!!!