Sunday, March 31, 2013

9 weeks

9 weeks and feeling great!!  
I don't feel sick at all just tired sometimes and that's about it!

We can't wait to find out if we are having a boy or girl!

Here is the 9 week sonogram pic!!
The baby is the white peanut sized shape and the head is on the left and body is on the right!

Napa with the Deans

I am very very behind on posting... 

A couple of weeks ago we were so excited that Brandon and Courtney were able to come visit us and we took a trip to Napa and spent a day in the city!!  We thought it was pretty funny that they were our tour guides all weekend even though we live here.  Shows that John and I need to get out more :).

First stop...

We were so lucky it was a very very pretty day... we are starting to realize though that most days are like this around here!!!

Brandon sells wine for Gallo and we had so much fun listening to all his fun stories and info about wine!

We noticed a winery that was VERY popular looking and had lots of patio area so we decided to stop by...

Packed compared to the others...

The outdoor area... There was a cookout going on, lots of seating and also a deli inside!

Third stop Trefethen....good place!

Last stop and best view...

This is the site where Brandon proposed to Courtney!!!
We also decided to take some fun pictures announcing WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!
I have been the DD all day and drinking water... any pics with me having wine were staged for facebook sake :)!!  We had a blast!!!

Cute chairs, wonderful view, FRIENDS IN TOWN can't get better than this!!!

 I tried to get close to the vines to show what an amazing intricate job they do pruning back the vines... wow that must take forever!!

Barrel room exploring!!

Since Brandon works for Gallo we were able to go down by ourselves but a tour came though and John decided to hop in with them haha!

This egg thing is a new way to ferment apparently...

Yay sunset time!

Brandon and Courtney!

John being silly...

Sunday- we ate our way through San Francisco!!!

Crab House for DELICIOUS crabs!!!

Then the BEST mini donuts in the world that I would NOT stop talking about... Brandon approved that it was worth all the hype!!


Then we walked down to the Ghiradelli area and people were swimming in speedos in the freezing water!!!!

Then of course Ghiradelli ice cream... of course we are full but there is no stopping us!!!!

OH MY then we walked to the "crookedest street"  but we had to go up the MOST STEEP hill ever!!  My calves were shaking when we stopped and hurt for a week but it was well worth it!!

Made it!  Here is the top...

the bottom :)

What a fun weekend!!!  

We are so excited about Baby Henning!  We are due October 24th!  
We had our first appointment and everything looks good!