Thursday, August 15, 2013

30 weeks today!

30 weeks and getting bigger!!

We are busy setting up Olivia's room and getting the house organized!!
I have been feeling great no complaints!

10 weeks to go- we can't wait to meet our little girl!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pleasanton Ridge trail & more

(catching up on posts this was from March I think...)

Rufus and I went with Leslie and 2 of her 4 pups to Pleasanton ridge for a hike...
The views were so pretty!!  This is the "Tri-Valley" are where we live!!

Coco, Jack, and Rufus

uh... a little to steep for me but we made it! (wimpy)

On the weekends I have been taking Montessori training classes and I wanted to share some of the really cool math "works"!  One of the major differences in Montessori is EVERYTHING is hands on! 
 The manipulatives are crazy fancy! 

26 weeks... (about 4 weeks ago)

Things have been very busy around here!
Here is our 26 week picture!

   I have been going to Montessori training for 4 weeks and it has kept me so busy!!
Here are some of the fun "works" we learned how to use!!

Lots of sitting and staring at my belly..

I met some really fun friends!!!

and yay we are finally finished with "summer intensive 
and it's time for vacation and getting Olivia's room ready!!