Thursday, September 12, 2013

33 weeks and maternity photos 35 weeks

Last week we were 33 weeks!  
The appointment went great- she is head down and we will go back in two weeks (that's next week now... hopefully I will get better about posting on time...)!
I am feeling good- starting to feel a little swelling in my hands but that's about it.
We are so close to meeting Livi Lou!

My friend Anne and I have decided to try to ATTEMPT to learn how to take pictures so she can take maternity photos for me!!  We have some pretty trails near us so here we are trying to play around with the camera and learn about aperture, shutter speed and such...

Anne and her husband Dave came over for dinner and we attempted to take some pics- TRY #1...

Ru loves his friend Charlie!!

Anne and Dave introduced us to Settlers of Catan- it's really fun!!

TRY #2
After picking out all our favorite pics on pinterest we set out to attempt to recreate what we liked...
Anne does a really really good job!!

Thanks Anne they are super cute!!!